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The tool, Goodman says, is essentially a sterile, gold micro-needler with a reservoir on one side to hold whatever customised ingredient cocktail she mixes for the patient's needs. Sometimes, that's a Skinceuticals serum or vitamin C; often, it's Botox or hyaluronic acid or a blend of both. With each "stamp" of the tool, the cocktail gets pushed in at the dermal level, rather than the muscular level. (Now is an important time to note that this is an off-label usage of Botox that has not been FDA-approved.) "Think of this like a super-upgraded facial a facial on crack," explains Goodman. "Weve always known that when we inject at a muscular level, it makes the skin better... This is [that knowledge] reimagined." By that, Goodman means she and many others in the field have observed that in addition to targeting deep wrinkles by freezing the muscle, injecting Botox can have some other welcome benefits, like decreasing oil production, easing rosacea-associated redness, improving skin texture, and making pores appear smaller. There is one downside: Botox for muscle retraining will last อาหารเสริมผิวขาว about three to four months, while this requires monthly or bi-monthly visits with fewer units. Still, it sounds too good to be true, right? Maybe, maybe not. The doctors I asked to weigh in are very divided. S.

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