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article_image But, once the inquiry committee finally came out with its report all that white-washing was exposed. It found Aingaranesam guilty of corruption, and the Tamil experts who had white-washed him were seen to be without clothes. Unexpectedly, Gurukularajah was seriously faulted for not heeding accusations against a teacher who had abused his female student. Sathialingman and Deneeswaran were exonerated. CVW now wavered. He sat on the report and wanted time for appeals. Then he declared that all four Ministers had to resign or go on compulsory leave. That is when things exploded. The TNA now took the position that once an inquiry committee is appointed there was no choice but to follow through on the report. When CVW balked, 15 members of the NPC filed a motion of no confidence against him.

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Eid shopping is never completed without silk dresses, said many of the shoppers. Silk manufacturers like Sapura Silk, Usha Silk, Rajshahi Silk Fashion, Amena Silk and Mohananda Silk were crowded with potential buyers. Saidur Rahman of Sapura Silk said silk saris were in high demand at the showroom, with prices ranging from Tk 3,500 to Tk 15,000. On the other hand, panjabis at Usha Silk were being sold at Tk 1,900 to Tk 6,500 per piece, said Nur Alam Bulbul, the showroom in-charge. But the local production of silk has to be boosted to elevate the sector, stressed Liakat Ali, president of Bangladesh Silk Industry Owners' Association. Proper use of plant varieties and modern technologies at the growers' level is essential, he said. Also, increased domestic production of yarn can help revitalise the sector. “The sector is now going through a hard time due to an excessive price of foreign silk yarn and decline of local production,” he added. With over a week left for Eid, markets in Sylhet are bustling with shoppers of all ages. Shoppers are flocking to markets in droves right when the shutters of shops open, and continuing their shopping spree until the stores close, reports our Moulvibazar correspondent. Visiting Kaniz Plaza, Blue Water Market, Sylhet City Market, Kazi Mansion and Supriya Market, it was seen that the younger crowds were more enthusiastic about buying dresses branded with names of Indian TV serials, movies and actresses.

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