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If that’s not discouraging enough, one study found that shapewear can also slow food movement through the gastrointestinal tract , leaving you more bloated than before and perpetuating a vicious cycle. Tight belts, pantyhose and tight waistbands are among other culprits that could affect your body. If you’re still concerned about your body’s appearance, try a fitted jacket to hide any problem areas. Thongs and string bikini panties can boost anyone’s confidence, but the payout might not be worth the spike in perkiness. Tight underwear made of synthetic materials can promote bacterial growth, which can lead to all kinds of issues, such as vaginal yeast infections. If you’re not open to more loose-fitting underwear, be sure to shower before wearing any tight-fitting panties. As always, make sure to change into dry clothes after swimming or exercise to prevent yeast infections. You’re feeling amazing about yourself, you’re ready to hit the town with friends on the weekend, so you slide into your favorite pair of jeans. You don’t care that they squeeze your body, because they show off your curves.

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