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All excuses aside, I was going to take the plunge. I was literally planning on going the day after HB2 became NC law, March 23. This new law would ban transgender people from using public restrooms, showers, locker rooms and changing facilities that aligned with their gender identity. For example, a trans man who has a full beard, the build of a man, the voice of a man due to hormone blockers and testosterone injections, dresses like a stereotypical male, and for all intents and purposes appears very outwardly masculine would now be legally required to use the women’s restroom, if he has not had “bottom surgery,” or wasn’t assigned male at birth. And vice versa ― trans women who haven’t had bottom surgery are legally required to use men’s facilities. Instead of going to Justice that day, I ended up glued to my laptop, trying to understand what to make of this new, horrific anti-trans, excruciatingly discriminatory law based on hyped up fears over a “potential” crime that has never actually happened. I wondered what this meant for my son’s future, especially if he ends up transitioning to female. The summer came and went. My son settled on “boys” back to school clothes, and two pairs of “girls” Twinkle Toe sneakers, along with a hot pink, peach and purple backpack, and pink lunchbox shaped like a purse. I mentioned my son’s Justice wish to a support group I lead for parents of gender non-conforming and trans children. I wondered out loud whether a clothing store that touts itself as “just for girls” would be open to a boy trying on their clothes.

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