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Mr Rutte The Dutch felt increasingly uncomfortable with people who abused the very freedom they came in ชุดนอนน่ารัก ราคา search of, Mr Rutte argued. Elections are taking place on 15 March. Geert Wilders' Freedom party (PVV) is running neck-and-neck in the polls with Mr Rutte's liberal VVD and branded Mr Rutte's message as a downright lie. "The man of open borders, asylum tsunami, mass immigration, Islamisation, lies and deceit," he tweeted. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Geert Wilders (C) has found common cause with right-wing and far-right leaders across Europe But even if Mr Wilders wins the election he will struggle to form a coalition, after Mr Rutte ruled out forming a government with the PVV. Political commentators pointed out that the election was now being run on the national mood rather than traditional issues such as the economy and the government's handling of the financial crisis. Last week Conservative CDA leader Sybrand Buma accused the prime minister, who came to power in October 2010, of presiding over a "moral crisis". More Dutch stories: Dutch PM's Brexit immigration warning Mr Rutte's full-page ad appeared on Monday in several Dutch newspapers and he gave further details in an interview with the daily, Algemeen Dagblad (AD). He singled out the case of bus company Qbuzz that was censured by the Dutch human rights institute for turning down an immigrant applying for the job of bus driver because he refused to shake women's hands. It found that shaking hands was not a key part of the job whereas the man's freedom of religion was affected. "I think it's a bizarre verdict," he told AD.

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Some officers will undergo 40 hours of training to be certified as specialists, allowing them to use discretion in deciding whether someone in crisis should get treatment instead of being arrested. The policy calls for people suspected of committing felonies or crimes like domestic violence but in some type of crisis to be transported to a secure mental health facility before being arrested. About 3,000 police departments in the U.S. have similar policies, the court filing said. The policy calls on officers to be patient and to try calming people with de-escalation techniques while using a minimum amount of force. The policy forbids officers from placing handcuffed people on their abdomens to avoid the possibility of positional asphyxiation. Two Cleveland police officers are subjects of a criminal investigation being conducted by the Ohio attorney general's office in the November 2014 death of 37-year-old Tanisha Anderson. Her family called police for help after Anderson, who had a history of mental illness, became disoriented and went outside on a cold day wearing just a nightgown. A lawsuit filed by family members said Anderson lost consciousness after officers slammed her to the ground. The Cuyahoga County Medical examiner said Anderson couldn't breathe after being placed on her abdomen.

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