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An FDA spokeswoman said the agency received the letter and will respond to the committee directly. The House questions come two weeks after Reuters reported how some FDA agents complain criminal office managers have forced them to pursue cases involving mislabeled foreign-imported injectable drugs, at the expense of cases with more potential to protect the public health. Current and former agents complain they have turned into the "Botox Police," spending thousands of hours chasing doctors who purchased authentic versions of Allergan's anti-wrinkle drug that were labeled for use in other countries. Some agents say their efforts have done little more than protect the pharmaceutical industry's high drug prices in the United States. Those concerns come as the criminal office has had mixed success in bringing cases. ชุดว่ายน้ํา สีขาว From fiscal year 2008-2015, Reuters found, more than half of all opened OCI cases were closed without action. The House committee asked Califf to explain the process for how criminal cases get opened, and to provide statistics on OCI's arrests, convictions, case initiations and amount of money recovered. Reuters also reported on Karavetsos' relocation to Florida, a move that came less than two years after the FDA paid more than $25,000 to move him to Maryland. Karavetsos, in a prior interview, defended the offices efforts, saying statistics are not a fair measure of OCI's success because public health and safety will "always trump the criminal investigation." FDA Regulatory Affairs Associate Commissioner Melinda Plaisier defended Karavetsos move to Miami, saying it was good for the FDA and his family. The House committee letter also questions how the FDA responded to two prior reports, from the Government Accountability Office and the Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General, that were critical of the criminal office.

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